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We are dedicated to coaching with excellence!

Whether you aim to master a new instrument, enhance your musical abilities, or pursue a career in music, the Creative Arts Conservatory (CAC) offers an ideal environment for learning. you will benefit from private lessons taught by instructors with formal music degrees and rich performance experiences.


The teaching approach at CAC is distinct, focusing on individual student growth. Lessons are tailored to align with each student's objectives and ambitions. Our instructors are versatile and diverse, supporting students in achieving their goals, nurturing their artistic talents, and ensuring a fulfilling learning journey.

  • Attendance
    Regular attendance is required! If a student needs to cancel, they can adjust their schedule on the portal or communicate with their instructor. Lessons canceled within 24 hours will not be assured a makeup session. A student cannot exceed six cancellations without valid reasons. Make-up credits are valid for 180 days. No-shows are not eligible for makeup sessions and will not be refunded.
  • Etiquette
    Our lesson space is a family-friendly environment! To maintain a positive atmosphere, we request that all students and observers use professional and encouraging language that resonates with our mission and values. We adhere to standard school dress codes, and for those coming from sports activities, kindly take a moment to freshen up. Arrive at class with all required materials, prepared, and eager for instruction. Please refrain from bringing snacks and note that only beverages in a lidded cup are permitted.
  • Practice
    Regular practice at home is crucial as it is a key indicator of success! Lessons should not be seen as practice sessions. Instructors will suggest an effective practice routine and guide students on how to practice efficiently. Instructors have the authority to make decisions on lesson adjustments and concert involvement for students who consistently attend lessons without adequate practice.
  • Concerts
    Our end-of-term recitals are mandatory concerts that are professionally organized. Each term, concert fees are charged to cover production expenses and student celebrations. The event is live-streamed and available for replay on our social media platforms. Concert fees may vary but typically average around $50 per event.
  • Billing
    As a non-profit organization, instructors will receive 100% of the tuition fees paid directly through cash, check, or app. A one-time registration fee per student goes to the CAC administrative office. Instructors can choose their preferred payment schedule (per lesson, monthly, or term) and can accept online payments through their preferred apps. All invoices are due within 30 days and a $20 late fee is assessed on all unpaid invoices. Students can see and manage their accounts on the student portal. All invoices are paperless.
  • Tuition Fees
    Each instructor sets their own pricing, approved by CAC Leadership. Private lesson tuition fees range between $20 - $40 for a thirty-minute session. Family discounts are at the discretion of the instructors.
  • Parents
    Parents are encouraged to participate in lessons but kindly requested to refrain from all interruptions. This includes well-intended actions like assisting the instructor or giving verbal instructions to their child. We request that parents use headphones while watching content and avoid making phone calls in the classroom, even with headphones. Please refrain from bringing snacks and note that only beverages in a lidded cup are permitted.
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