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Alison K


My daughter began piano lessons with Lyn when she was 7. I wasn’t sure how it would go since she was so young, but Lyn has an amazing way of teaching that makes it fun and exciting while also ensuring theory and technique are learned at an early age. She does this with songs my daughter recognizes and enjoys but also will search for songs we request which makes it so much fun each week. It has been amazing seeing my daughter learn to play, and this is all due to the patience and joy Lyn exudes during each lesson. My daughter is learning the importance of practice not perfection, is gaining confidence to perform in front of others during recitals, and is developing a love for music that carries over into so many other aspects of life. Each week I get to see her shine with pride as she overcomes a difficult hand placement on the keys or can finally hear the melody of the song through her fingertips, and this is something I will always remember when she is grown.


Bonny I

Adult Student

I love working with Tim. He is patient, challenges me and pushes me to find new vocal expression, not just technically, but even in performance. He is encouraging and uplifting with each new milestone that I reach. My only regret is that I did not start my voice lessons sooner. It has been a life-changing experience.


Briggs Family


What an adventure and blessing the CAC has been for our family. We feel like the Von Trapps every Monday evening as all 4 of engage in our respective lessons.

A vocalist all my life, I’d take a more than decade hiatus from singing. Now, back on a church praise team, the vocal lessons I take from Pastor Tim have been groundbreaking for me!

Our 9 year old daughter segued over to Lyn Rousay for her lessons after several years of instruction. Lyn’s refreshing style of teaching was just what our 9 year old needed to re-engage her interest.

Our 10 year old son entered into guitar lessons with teachers Jake and Sam as a very new musician. He’s off to a great start, learning something new every week!

Dad didn’t want to be left behind! Taking advantage of the convenience of all 4 of us taking lessons in the same location every Monday evening, he too enrolled in piano tutelage with Lyn. He is greatly enjoying the challenge of endeavoring a new instrument a bit later in life.

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