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Dr. Tim Dishongh

Voice | Piano

Dr. Tim Dishongh is a co-founder of CAC (creative arts conservatory) and a worship pastor in San Antonio TX. Tim’s expertise is in worship, performance practice, and vocal pedagogy. Vocal pedagogy is the study of the art and science of voice instruction. It is used in the teaching of singing and assists in defining what singing is, how singing works, and how proper singing technique is accomplished. Tim has been teaching and training singers and worship leaders for over 20 years and his goal is to build into every singer a singing technique that promotes versatility, vocal health, and overall freedom. Tim helps singers to produce a voice that is seamless and that can move effectively between classical, pop, worship, and other musical styles. Many of Tim’s former students are now professional musicians and accomplished worship leaders.

Tim also has an extensive performing career (acting, singing, television, and worship) including work in Nashville and Los Angeles. In addition, his passion for worship has given him the opportunity to lead worship all over the United States and around the world at major national and international conferences and retreats in cities including Anaheim, Portland, Denver, St Louis, Dallas, Houston, Singapore, London, Melbourne, Taipei, and many others.

Tim’s approach to teaching and coaching singers is to uniquely customize each lesson to meet the needs of each student and the specific style of music they are singing. Tim has developed a singing technique that works for every student that applies it. The technique is built on the science of correct breathing (airflow) in the most efficient manner possible to create sustainable, full vocal range singing. Part of the science behind this technique is the “Bernoulli Effect”. This highly developed breathing techniques also includes the science of aerodynamics and the understanding of acoustics which leads to clarity, brilliance, and power in the voice. Tim gives complete credit to his voice teacher Dr John Van Cura for the development of his vocal technique that has provided a sustainable 30 + year singing and performing career with no vocal health issues. Tim’s vocal technique inspired by Dr. Van Cura has transformed 100’s of singer’s and provided the foundation for many successful performing careers. This would include passionate worship leaders that are inspiring congregations with their God given voice.

Tim has taught voice on the collegiate level, coached singers for a major talent scouting organization, and maintained a thriving private studio for over 20 years. Tim has also won many awards for singing and acting including 1st place male vocalist and overall vocal winner for the National Association of Teachers of Singing. He also was a Texas Globe Award finalist for a leading role in a musical. Tim has done work under SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and the AMF (the musicians union) with his past contracts with Calliope Talent Management in Los Angeles and Right Direction Management in Nashville. Tim has released several successful albums including a worship album which generated a top ten hit.

Tim holds a Master of Music in vocal performance and vocal pedagogy, a Master of Arts, and a Doctorate in Worship Studies.

Tim is passionate about mentoring performers and worship leaders to accomplish their goals while directing them to the Grace of Jesus Christ and that their instrument is a gift from God to be used to inspire others. Tim empowers musicians with the skills needed to use their instruments with complete freedom and verbality for the Glory of God.

Dr. Tim Dishongh
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