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Creative Arts Conservatory (CAC) | Tim Dishongh | Instructor | Voice Lessons

Dr. Tim Dishongh

Co-Founder / Director / Vocal Instructor

Tim Dishongh, a co-founder of CAC (Creative Arts Conservatory) and a worship pastor in San Antonio, TX, specializes in worship, performance practice, and vocal pedagogy. His vocal pedagogy expertise focuses on voice instruction, encompassing the study of singing, how it functions, and the techniques required for proper singing. For over two decades, Tim has been training singers and worship leaders, aiming to instill a versatile singing technique that prioritizes vocal health and flexibility. His teaching aids singers in developing a seamless voice capable of transitioning smoothly between various musical genres such as classical, pop, and worship. Many of Tim's former students have gone on to become professional musicians and successful worship leaders.

Beyond teaching, Tim has an extensive performing career in acting, singing, television, and worship, with engagements in Nashville and Los Angeles. His passion for worship has taken him across the United States and around the world, leading worship at major conferences and retreats in cities like Anaheim, Portland, and Singapore.

Tim's teaching approach is tailored to each student and their music style, focusing on a singing technique grounded in correct breathing for sustainable vocal range. This technique, influenced by the "Bernoulli Effect," incorporates aerodynamics and acoustics to enhance vocal clarity, brilliance, and power. Tim attributes his vocal technique to Dr. John Van Cura, who has supported his own singing career for over 30 years without vocal health issues. Tim's technique has transformed numerous singers, laying the foundation for successful performing careers and inspiring worship leaders.

With a Master of Music in vocal performance and vocal pedagogy, a Master of Arts, and a Doctorate in Worship Studies, Tim is dedicated to mentoring performers and worship leaders to achieve their goals while emphasizing the grace of Jesus Christ. His mission is to empower musicians to use their talents freely and vocally for the glory of God.

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